Helping Clients to
Transform Their Businesses is Our Profession

Alton Morgan, Inc. is a specialist executive search firm, with functional specialties across multiple industry sectors. We serve companies of all sizes, from public and private held companies to early stage firms. The Alton Morgan goal or aim is to help our client/partners transform their businesses with people who drive value, growth and innovation.

Our executive search consulting services

At Alton Morgan, we operate on a Hybrid-Retained Search model. The Alton Morgan Hybrid-Retained Search model is designed for cost containment as well as to drive results through teamwork and a high level of commitment from everyone involved in the search project.

The Hybrid-Retained Search model includes a sophisticated and proven “15-step search process” to help insure completion of each assignment successfully and within a reasonable time period. This allows us to perform more efficiently and effectively on every search we undertake. And we’re able to focus on the clients’ needs and really search the marketplace, turning up top job candidates that may otherwise be left uncovered. It’s best suited for positions where other recruitment methods are unsatisfactory, and you need immediate action to recruit above average performers who typically are not reading employment ads, internet job posts or responding to traditional recruitment methods.

Who we serve

At Alton Morgan, we focus on our functional specialties. Because of this, we have a multi-industry emphasis extending our expertise in executive search to search assignments across multiple industry sectors. Our focus is to help organizations of all sizes, from public and private held companies to early stage firms, seek out leaders who drive value, growth and innovation to fill a variety of positions. Our functional specialties include: Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales and other leadership and individual contributor roles.

Mission and long-term goals

The Alton Morgan mission is to be the search firm of choice for only a few select companies for each industry we serve. This approach helps to deliver executive search services with no major off-limits issues. The Alton Morgan long-term goal or aim is to help client companies transform their businesses with key people who drive growth and results.

Why Alton Morgan

  • Rigorous systematic, search and selection process to help insure completion of each assignment successfully and within a reasonable time period
  • Precision target recruiting to give you a leg up on the competition, turning up top potential hires that may otherwise be left uncovered
  • Dedicated senior search consultant, with more than 20 years experience, focused on seeking out professionals who drive growth and results
  • No major off-limits issues

Experience and expertise

Our managing director, Alan Brooks, has more than 20 years of experience in search and recruitment. He has led the search and recruitment process for some of the most successful companies in the United States involved in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, insurance, corrugated packaging, automotive, law, logistics, insurance, marketing, manufacturing, real estate, banking, finance, entertainment, computer software and other areas.

Alan personally leads every aspect of each search assignment, assuring every client benefits from his industry and search expertise. Clients have called his services thorough, concise and innovative. So if you have a position going unfilled, or you believe it will take an extraordinary executive search consultant to help you acquire the talent you need, then call or e-mail us today.

For immediate attention, contact:

Alan Brooks at 888-305-1484 Ext. 201


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