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Information Technology Professionals

Alton Morgan offers a broad range of search and placement services for corporate information technology departments. We specialize in helping Orange County and Southern California businesses locate, attract and recruit top IT professionals for their organizations. Assisting executive management in locating, attracting, and recruiting above average performers who can help align and intertwine the use of computer technology with the company’s short and long term business goals is our prime objective.

Alton Morgan’s Hybrid-Retained Search services takes IT recruitment to a new level. Senior executives now have an economical alternative to help them target, attract, and hire the IT professionals they need (ranging from CIOs, VPs of IT to other IT professionals). This valuable service allows us to dedicate a certain amount of time for each assignment. This is where we can give our clients the best service. We focus on the clients’ needs and really search the marketplace, turning up top candidates that may otherwise be left uncovered. If part of your agenda is to identify, target and recruit top IT professionals not reading employment ads and internet job posts, you’re going to love this service.

The Alton Morgan search and recruitment services are ideal for recruiting a variety of IT professionals. Use our service when you want to recruit a CIO down to a one person IT department manager. Or, use Alton Morgan’s IT recruiting service when you need to recruit professionals with specific IT and industry expertise, such as healthcare IT, real estate, construction, finance, banking, entertainment and other industries. Or specific application experience as in CRM, BI, ERP, supply chain management and other applications.

Add the extensive contacts our managing director has compiled over the past 20 years and you have the best executive recruiting solution for your IT requirements. No matter what size your business is, Alton Morgan offers IT executive search and recruitment solutions to help you acquire people of excellence.

Plus, we stay up to date on the latest technology and business trends so you’ll find us quick to pick up a clear understanding of your requirements. That means none of the time delays and wheel spinning that comes from interviewing the wrong candidates.

Our Positions
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • VP of Information Technology
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Software Development Manager
  • Applications Manager
  • Application Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Database Experts
  • Other IT Roles

More than 20 years, and counting

Alton Morgan, Inc. is an Orange County California based recruiting firm specializing in information technology management and other IT professional recruitment. Our geographic concentration is in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California areas.

More than 20 years, and counting

If you need a good senior IT recruiter, you’re going to love working with us. Our managing director, Alan Brooks, has more than 20 years of experience in IT search and recruitment. He has led the search and recruitment process for some of the most successful companies in the United States involved in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, packaging, automotive, law, logistics, insurance, marketing, manufacturing, real estate, banking, finance and computer software development.

Alan personally leads every aspect of each search assignment, assuring every client benefits from his industry and search expertise. Clients have called his services thorough, concise and innovative. So if you have a position going unfilled, or you believe it will take an extraordinary senior recruiter with a lot of knowledge in IT recruitment to help you with your search, then call or e-mail us today.

Contact Alan Brooks, Managing Director, at 888-305-1484 Ext. 201

Or e-mail us to request more information. We specialize in executive search for Orange County IT professionals. Please e-mail us today and let us know what type of talent you need to help you with your business goals.

E-mail: info@altonmorgan.com

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