“Our goal will always be to

help clients transform their businesses with

key people who drive growth and results.”

Alan Brooks, Managing Director of Alton Morgan, Inc., is a veteran of more than 20 years in executive search. He has led search and recruitment projects for some of the most successful companies in the U.S. Alan founded Alton Morgan in 2011, with the goal or aim to provide best-in-class search and recruitment services to a variety of businesses and corporate America nationwide.

Having begun his recruiting career with an international management-recruiting firm in 1986, Alan gained valuable experience in executive search and has been quoted in the Society for Human Resource Management magazine. He has managed the search process of several, small to large private and publicly-held companies. He has served clients such as Amtech Software, Bayview Portfolio Services, Inc., Beech Street Corporation (Healthcare Network), Box-Board Products, Inc., Citizens Bank of Farmington, Denticare of California, Inc., Elite Information Systems (now Thomson Elite), Financial Database Services, Foundation Health, Futura Services, Inc., Heritage Paper Co., HyperWare, Inc., Integrated Archive Systems, Inc., Keystone Automotive, Leprechaun, LLC (Medical Information Technology), Nautilus Insurance Company, Network Global Logistics, Paper Mart, PCS Health Systems, Promark One Marketing Services (call center services), SafeGuard Health Enterprises, Inc., Skymall, Inc., Sonoma Systems, LLC, Telesoft Corporation, Welch Packaging Group, West Teleservices and others. With more than 20 years in executive search, Alan successfully leverages his deep candidate relationships with leading professionals to deliver a superior search experience to his clients.

A key to Alan’s success in executive search has been his commitment to establishing a rigorous, systematic search and selection process. His visionary approach to executive search is illustrated by his insistence on precision target recruiting to uncover people of excellence that the client typically cannot access through employment ads and internet job posts.

Alan’s more than 20 years experience in executive search and recruitment as well as his keen sense for quickly building rapport with professionals at all levels, gives his clients a leg up on the competition. His blend of industry expertise, strong approach to understanding the business and client’s needs as well as what motivates an individual to join, stay or leave a company, enables him to connect with star performers where other recruiters fail. Alan’s effectiveness often extends far beyond the traditional boundaries of what most recruiters are capable of accomplishing – so much so that clients call his services “thorough, concise and innovative.”

In addition to his many years in executive search and placement, Alan has held sales and sales management positions in the computer storage as well as the computer education and training fields. Alan has successfully launched new enterprise software solutions throughout the U.S., has won many awards and helped two companies make Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies in America.

In his spare time, Alan enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He owns a home in the California Central Coast wine region area. And when his busy schedule allows, he also enjoys visiting California’s Central Coast vineyards and wineries. Alan grew up surrounded by the wine growing industry. His family was among the early California grape growers back in the 1920’s. They started off growing table grapes, grapes for making raisins and ultimately converted to producing grapes for the wine industry.