Integrity and loyalty forms the foundation of responsible corporate life at Alton Morgan, Inc. Alton Morgan employees support only ethical behavior and high standards of loyalty in business dealings.

Alton Morgan employees have a social responsibility and moral commitment to the community. It means that ethical behavior and high standards of loyalty in business dealings are put ahead of profits. Alton Morgan employees believe that the corporation can make a profit while preserving the fabric of society.

Alton Morgan employees have a direct responsibility to the corporation. That responsibility is to conduct the business in accordance with its code of ethics, which is to conform to the basic rules of society. Both those embodied in law and ethical custom. For example, Alton Morgan employees will not make a false statement or misrepresent any fact pertinent to consulting, marketing and recruiting personnel.

Alton Morgan employees feel they are performing a service that is worthwhile and there is a commitment to get the job done right. Each individual decision made conforms to high standards of conduct and are based upon values that are consistent with ethical behavior.

Alton Morgan employees promote positive values and integrate them into their daily decision making and corporate culture.

Alton Morgan, Inc.

Adopted: January 3, 2011