We analyze your company’s needs
from the ground up.

At Alton Morgan, we know that your management, leadership and other teams are among your most important assets. That’s why we offer a range of executive search services to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of your crucial positions and departments. To achieve this, we analyze your company’s needs from the ground up, particularly with regard to individual business plans and corporate goals. This allows us to align our services with your business objectives and what you really want to get accomplished. After all, we have just one main focus: You, our client. Your needs, your goals, your recruiting requirements – these are the driving forces that shape the way we approach each and every search assignment.

Access to comprehensive resources

As a client of Alton Morgan, you gain access to leading business professionals. And we know where they are. We’ve been compiling database information on people and businesses for more than 20 years. We update this information every day, giving us immediate access to the most desirable management and leadership professionals. This information allows our recruiters to source the right individuals – efficiently and effectively. And it gives you a leg up on the competition, turning up top candidates that may otherwise be left uncovered.

Access to successful search and recruiting procedures

Alton Morgan offers a sophisticated set of search and recruiting procedures to help insure completion of each assignment successfully and within a reasonable time period. While working with our client partners, we have created a proven, repeatable process that delivers results time and time again. For example, the experienced professionals at Alton Morgan, know how to position your company and opportunity to gain interest from individuals who currently aren’t looking. We take the time to thoroughly understand the opportunities in your organization, and using this knowledge, develop a plan to recruit candidates who either meet or come close to meeting your specifications. You can rely on Alton Morgan, to constantly use the right recruiting procedures at the right time to get your positions filled as quickly as possible.

Access to senior executive recruiting services

At Alton Morgan, we know that your company sometimes requires new leadership for rapid growth or to help take new products and services to market. If your company is in need of new business leaders and pioneers, or if one of your departments could use an innovative senior manager, you should consider Alton Morgan’s Hybrid-Retained Search service. This valuable service offers clients an effective way to target and recruit leaders for highly visible positions. You’ll gain by acquiring the visionaries who will help lead your company and achieve your business objectives.

Access to a knowledgeable search partner

We make sure we get plenty of on-going training with a focus on cutting edge sourcing and recruitment methods, current trends in the industry, and what to look for in great leaders. At Alton Morgan, you’ll find that we are quick to pick up a clear understanding of your business requirements. That means none of the wheel spinning that comes from interviewing the wrong candidates. It’s no wonder companies that are serious about saving time are serious about calling us.

Access to dedicated search services

Companies involved in a variety of industries will tell you how difficult it is to attract and hire certain types of talent. Thanks to our successful history of filling a variety of positions, we can offer you a proven method of acquiring the talented professionals you need. We do this using our Hybrid-Retained Search process. The Alton Morgan Hybrid-Retained Search is designed for cost containment as well as to drive results with a high level of commitment on each search project.

The Alton Morgan Hybrid-Retained Search service is a concept Alan Brooks, Managing Director of Alton Morgan, pioneered more than 20 years ago. This valuable service allows us to dedicate a certain amount of time for each assignment. This is where we can give our clients the best service. We focus on the clients’ needs and really search the marketplace, turning up top candidates that may otherwise be left uncovered.

Our hybrid-retained search is our preferred way of working with our client partners. We follow a proven “fifteen step search process” that is outlined in each search proposal. It’s best suited for positions where other recruitment methods are unsatisfactory, and you need immediate action to recruit above average performers who are typically not reading employment ads, internet job posts or responding to traditional recruitment methods.

So if you have a position going unfilled, or you believe it will take an extraordinary recruiter with a deep network to help you acquire the talent you need, then give us a call today.

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